Exchanging Money

While cash is the most vital ware forever it is likewise the most appalling. To live without it is unimaginable in this present reality where basic administrations and the things on which life depends has an expense to it. Indeed, even water isn’t free and if man had his direction we would pay for the air we inhale, and from numerous points of view we as of now do. Contamination, ecological devastation, loss of species, and lessening assets are a cost that none of us can bear. Our planet is passing on and we are in emergency.

That is the genuine trade for cash and keeping in mind that most may not understand it the advantages got from it are only sad. We presently can’t seem to confront the best catastrophe of all and that is the latest long periods of life on earth.

There are no notice ringers and no place to hop off the earth to escape since we are trading cash forever. That is how it was the point at which it was developed and to comprehend that the Spirit took me back to Babylon and the beginning of formal religion, Islam.

The name of it at that point was likewise Zoro-Aster or Morning Star and a dream demonstrated to me how it came to fruition. The rising sun’s beams were coordinated through a little gap in a stone to scatter into the rings of extraordinary excellence and never-ending movement. The general population tumbled to their knees in ‘wonder’, which is indistinguishable term from ‘or’ for ‘sun’ and ‘metal’, the most valuable of which is gold.

The human personality is equipped for the most extravagant fantasies and the aftereffect of the sun-star and its impact on the populace was strong to the point that it has never modified. In the focal point of the vision the right-calculated cross is seen and this gave men that by kicking the bucket on it the beams of light could be ridden upwards into paradise. It was viewed as that men would then progress toward becoming mates to it and live everlastingly in the home of the stars.

At the end of the day they could ‘wed’ Mary, the name of the sun-star and it signifies ‘mother’s ground-breaking eye’. The one on the cross was the ‘man in the eye’ or ‘mon-eye’ from whence came the term ‘cash’. He was the trade and the money by which he exchanged his life for which he turned into a ‘divine being’, which is the cause of ‘good’ and ‘merchandise’.

Cash is the result of a fantasy and the abhorrence of ideas that men can move toward becoming Father Gods. It was conceived of fiendishness and is the reason for God’s reprisal and the pulverization of the coming annihilation of the earth.

The second brute, Constantine, put cash as the focal point of the World Order. He additionally settled the Catholic Church, the principal Christian religion in 325. My resurrection demonstrates that the mainstays of that religion, paradise and heck, don’t exist thus the validity of his work depends on dreams and lies.